Source code for khayyam.formatting.directives.base

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from khayyam.compat import get_unicode
__author__ = 'vahid'

[docs]class Directive(object): """ Base class for all formatting directives. """ def __init__(self, key, name, regex, type_, formatter=None, post_parser=None): self.key = key = name self.regex = regex self.type_ = type_ if formatter: self.format = formatter if post_parser: self.post_parser = post_parser def __repr__(self): # pragma: no cover return '%' + self.key
[docs] def post_parser(self, ctx, formatter): # pragma: no cover """ In overridden method, It should parse the formatted value from the given string. :param ctx: :param formatter: :return: """ pass
[docs] def format(self, d): # pragma: no cover """ In overridden method, It Should return string representation of the given argument. :param d: a value to format :return: Formatted value. :rtype: str """ return d
[docs]class CompositeDateDirective(Directive): """ A chain of directives, Representing a date. """ format_string = None def __init__(self, key, name, regex, format_string=None, **kw): if format_string: self.format_string = format_string self._sub_formatter = None super(CompositeDateDirective, self).__init__(key, name, regex, get_unicode, **kw) def _create_formatter(self): from khayyam.formatting import JalaliDateFormatter return JalaliDateFormatter(self.format_string) @property def sub_formatter(self): """ :return: The underlying formatter. :rtype: :py:class:`khayyam.JalaliDateFormatter` """ if not self._sub_formatter: self._sub_formatter = self._create_formatter() return self._sub_formatter def format(self, d): return d.strftime(self.format_string) def post_parser(self, ctx, formatter): ctx.update(self.sub_formatter.parse(ctx[]))
[docs]class CompositeDatetimeDirective(CompositeDateDirective): """ A chain of directives, Representing a datetime. """ format_string = None def _create_formatter(self): from khayyam.formatting import JalaliDatetimeFormatter return JalaliDatetimeFormatter(self.format_string)